Educating, empowering, and equipping...

about us

The conversation around sexuality may have shifted over the years as culture embraces a permissive stance. However, God's standard hasn't changed.

Through education, training, resource development and pastoral care, we inspire and empower others to walk uprightly in our sex-saturated culture. We help believers embrace God's design for sexuality and relationships.

When we experience God's redeeming love we become convinced of our worth... because after all we are all Worthy Creations.

our services

  • Speaking and teaching in a variety of settings... everything from church services, to conferences, to prison, to music festivals
  • Spread the message of sexual redemption through various media opportunities, including radio, television and print media
  • Spiritual mentoring and discipleship in the form of pastoral care counseling for those desiring personal ministry (fee based services and by appointment only)
  • Produce and distribute high quality multi-media resources on sexual redemption to equip believers around the world
  • Training pastoral care workers to minister more effectively to the needs of the sexually and relationally wounded
  • Work with parents in a variety of settings to help encourage and equip them to handle the heartache of caring for a prodigal loved one
  • Host conferences or special events to educate, equip, and inspire a local body of believers