Support groups for strugglers

We offer weekly support groups for those who wish to overcome homosexuality and other types of sexual brokenness. In Miami, we facilitate a Spanish-speaking group.

Support for the parents and family

We provide bi-monthly support groups for parents and family of those whose loved ones are involved in homosexuality.

Resources and Information

A variety of excellent resources are available for strugglers as well as parents, including books, printed testimonies, and videos.




Counselor Referrals

Some individuals require ongoing, individual counseling. We provide referrals to local Christian counselors for biblically-based counseling.

Speaking Engagements

To bring understanding to the body of Christ in the area of sexual brokenness, we provide education through testimonies and various speaking engagements, including youth groups, Sunday school classes and conferences.

Pastoral Care

On a limited basis, we offer prayer support discipleship, phone and email counseling.

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