Founded in 1986, Worthy Creations is an interdenominational Christian parachurch ministry in South Florida dedicated to helping men and women find freedom from sexual and relational brokenness. Our goal is to effectively communicate the message of sexual redemption, to offer support and understanding to those whose loved ones are affected by sexual and relational brokenness, to equip the church to minister effectively, and to bring a message of prevention to today's youth.


There is hope and healing .

We support biblical standards of morality, recognizing that no form of immorality is a sin worse that any other. Sexual sin can be overcome by the grace of God. The road out of sexual and relational brokenness can be a long journey, often filled with confusion, frustration, and temptation. Without support, most people would not make it. Worthy Creations is called to minister to men and women seeking relational wholeness and victory over sexual sin, to help families and loved ones of those affected by various forms sexual brokenness, and to help the church deal with more effectively with these concerns.


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