FAQs and Our Position

What is Worthy Creations?

Worthy Creations, Inc. is a Christian ministry located in South Florida, dedicated to offering hope and healing to individuals seeking help for sexual and relational brokenness. The ministry is dedicated to uniting and equipping the Body of Christ to effectively minister in these areas. As a parachurch ministry we are attempting to serve alongside the church in sharing the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and communicating the message of sexual redemption.

Freedom from ALL sin through faith in Jesus Christ

Worthy Creations upholds sexual redemption for individuals as the process whereby sin's power is broken, and the individual is freed to know and experience his or her true identity in Christ Jesus. That process entails the freedom to grow into healthy heterosexuality.




Bridging the Gap

Central to this redemption is Worthy Creation's desire to unite and equip the Body of Christ to carry out this healing process. Worthy Creations bridges the gap between Christians who respond with ignorance and fear and those who view the Bible as culturally irrelevant, embracing various forms of sexual brokenness as acceptable behavior within the church. Both extremes fail to convey the fullness of redemption found in Christ our Savior who embodies grace and truth, and invites all to partake of Him.

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