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My name is Bill Buckley and I am the area director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Mississippi. I want you to know how the Lord used Christine Sneeringer here this past week. I almost felt bad about the intense schedule, but now that it’s done, I wish we could have done more. Because of schedule complications, Christine had to fly in to Birmingham and then drive 4 hours to Jackson, MS. To save money she allowed us to house her in our home rather than in a hotel. These are the acts of someone who will do whatever it takes to share Christ with young people.

In three days (Monday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 16) Christine spoke to twelve different crowds. In every assembly we were given the freedom to share our faith in Christ. She spoke in 5 public high schools, 2 private schools, 2 colleges, 2 churches, and one parents group. And here is the best part: Christine spoke with clarity, passion, and truth at every one of those meetings. She never had a weak moment. Though she spoke to a wide range of ages in radically different settings, here words were always relevant and God-honoring.

Someone asked me how she handled a topic that is as politically charged as homosexuality. My answer: with compassionate truth. She spoke eloquently of the goodness and greatness of Jesus Christ, the Redemeer. We are so grateful that over 1,000 high school and college students were able to hear Christine’s inspiring story. I would recommend her to anybody, anywhere, anytime. She left an eternal deposit in Mississippi.

I hope you as a board will continue to do whatever it takes to empower Christine in the ministry that God has given to her. We believe she hasn’t even seen the tip of the iceberg regarding open doors. We at FCA are standing with you in prayer as you help her fulfill God’s destiny for her life.


Bill Buckley
Mississippi FCA Area Director








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